DIY // Coffee Filter Garland

31 Bits | Coffee Filter Garland

We recently celebrated the launch of our new Spring Collection with a hopping party at our warehouse. In sticking with the watercolor theme, we made these garlands to decorate the space. We were not only amazed at how easy it was to create this effect, but how incredible they turned out! Here’s a step-by-step guide, so you can do it too!

Coffee Filter Garland |

All you need is some food dye, spray bottles, coffee filters, a needle, and some yarn. Mix about two drops of food dye with water in the mini spray bottles, and then spray the filters. Make sure they dry completely. Then use the needle to poke through the center of the filters, and one by one, string them together.

Coffee Filter Garland | 31 Bits

Lastly, scrunch and fluff the coffee filters to make it poofy, flowery, and full.

Coffee Filter Garland | 31 Bits

Coffee Filter Garland | 31 Bits

Coffee Filter Garland | 31 Bits


And there you have it!! These garlands are a stunning, easy, and cost effective way to decorate a room. We recommend you create them for your next 31 Bits House Party!

  • maggie

    This is beautiful and clever. Do you know approx how many filters it took and how long it was?

    • 31 Bits

      Hi Maggie! We used about 5 packs of 200 coffee filters :)

  • Julien Lee

    love this idea! so easy and so pretty. : )

    • 31 Bits

      Thanks Julien! It really is amazingly easy!!

  • Janneke

    What a nice DIY! It’s quite hard to find these type of filters where I live, but if I someday bump in to them, I’m going to give this a try! :)

  • Lisa Frank

    This is stunning! As a fellow DIYer, I’ve got to ask…how/where did you find space to dry 1000 coffee filters?! :)

  • Jeanine H

    This is Ggorrrgeous.. I had no idea how you created this color! I am happy to say that we have these two exact same products and colors!

  • Stephanie Lynn Ryckman

    Hello! What a great, beautiful idea! I’m looking to try these for my wedding. Approximately how long did this project take? And how many feet did you get from 1,000 filters? Thank you for this pin!!

  • Mary Hampton

    Wow I am new to this site and so glad I found it will give this project a try

  • Mary-Elizabeth Schweyer

    Love this

  • mhrusft15

    How much of what colors were used to make this peach color? I need to know so I can make peach colored coffee filter roses for my wedding!

  • Emily Spiekhout

    This is absolutely beautiful! I was hoping to make these for a church event that I am decorating, and I was wondering how long this project took for you & approximately how long the garland was from 1000 filters? & Thank you for this idea, I just can’t get over how simple yet stunning this is!

  • Monika

    It’s a great idea! I never see coffee filters like yours, but I have paper muffin tins.

    I try it.

  • Michelle M. Czarka

    We were creating these in my teeny 190 sq. ft shop and quickly ran out of drying space. We dipped them en masse in a bowl with water and dye then tossed them in bunches into the dryer. Didn’t even need to ruffle them up after that. :)