WHO: jonny

WHERE: bali, indonesia

TRADE: rattan weaving

Jonny specializes in creating furniture and home accessories using rattan. Working with rattan is a very intricate art form. Jonny grew up in a small village where he was taught at a young age to make furniture from rattan, however, over the years, many people have left village life and started focusing on other things. It’s getting harder and harder to find weavers that do this quality of work. Using rattan is part of his heritage, and he’s very passionate about keeping the tradition alive.

Our designer, Kallie, lives in Bali with her husband and daughter, and started going to Jonny to get furniture made for her home. She fell in love with his work, and loves how he runs his business. His personality is as big as his smile, finding joy and humor in everything he does. He employs five artisans at his Bali workshop and believes in keeping the work environment light-hearted, joyful, and creative. 

Jonny makes our Sunburst Mirror, which is small representation of his incredible work. Rattan is dried grass, so every piece is different, reflecting whatever nature brings.You’ll find hues of green, tan, and grey throughout each piece, giving it a unique personality and own defined beauty. 

“We’re losing the art of rattan in Bali. It was always taught when we were young living in the villages, but as people have left village life over time, their focus has been on other things rather than furthering this tradition. I’m dedicated to keeping the art of creating beautiful rattan furniture alive.” - Jonny